Amibroker AFLs  for trading strategies have been developed by very proficient programmers to sophisticate the Trading process. Here is a link list of some quite popular Amibroker Trading Strategy AFL.

Disclaimer for AFLs: The Amibroker AFLs posted in this Blog have been procured from different online resources and due credit is given to the coder of the Amibroker AFL. Wherever the name of the Coder is given in the AFL has not been removed. Where no names were available the afl was posted as it is. Blog owner has made no changes whatsoever to the AFL. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading in Stock Markets. Losses can and will occur. No responsibility for loss occurred to any person acting or refraining to act as a result of using the AFL written by their respective creators and published in this Blog for sharing of knowledge can be accepted by the Blog owner.

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3 Day Highest High And Lowest Low Breakout And Breakdown Levels

Pivots With Prices

DEMA Fan Trading System

Modified Ichimoku Crossover System

Conventional RSI With Clips

Chaloke Simple Trailing Stop System

Elliot Wave Oscillator

Triple EMA Crossover

Scalper High Low Bracket

Automatic Support And Resistance

Pivot Points AFL (Better Version)

Previous Day High Low Close Levels

315 Strategy

Advanced Elliot Waves

Advanced Trend Lines

Automatic Pivot Points

Camarilla Intraday Pivot Lines

Candle Master

Donchian Channels

Double Doji Exploration

Elliot Wave With SAR

EMA Crossover

Fibonacci Retracements

Free Super Trend

MA Crossover Buy-Sell


Parabolic SAR Crossover

Pivot Trading System

Previous N Days HH and LL

Quadra Trading System

Swing Trading System

T3 Function

Trend Continuation Factor

Trend Reversal

Volatility Trading System

Nirvana AFL [Modified]

Market Profile

Magnified LTP On Chart

Multiple Timeframe Candlestick Chart

Time Left In A Bar To Close

CM Laguerre PPO Percentile Rank Market Tops Bottoms

Fractal Trend Indicator

Export Intraday From Amibroker

Coral Trend Indicator

Gap And Supertrend

GMMA-Guppy Multiple Moving Averages

Heiken Ashi Candlesticks Smoothed

Insert Stock, Blog, Website Name In Chart

Heiken Ashi Candlesticks As Moving Average

Pin Bar Candlestick Signal

Trend Candlesticks

Trailing Stop Loss


Volatility Channels

Heiken Ashi Candlesticks And KPL Swing


VWAP & Standard Deviation Bands

Previous Month Open High Low Close Levels

Previous Week Open High Low Close Levels


  1. Sir,
    Nice collection.
    Value for newcomers would be much enhanced if a write up was avilable.

  2. Hello ,

    Afls were collected from various resources on internet. They have been written on particular systems.
    If you google search about the systems on which Afls have been named you may get some information about them. Due to time constraints I was not able to include write ups about the afl's.


  3. Just could not help to say thank much....been a while for searching all these AFL

  4. Just visited your blog today bro...You are doing a tremendous job! shall i share the link with my known sources!

  5. Hi Srikantan,

    Thanks for your compliment. You may surely share the link with your known sources.

    Happy Trading !!


  6. Please do me a favour sending me a flat Ami broker.

    1. Hi Dileep,

      Sorry, I didn't get your point, what actually you mean by flat Amibroker ?

  7. Hi Aryan, I am new to Amibroker.. Which AFL is better for intraday.. Please suggest..

    1. Hi,

      This is a very subjective thing to answer. When you are new to Amibroker it means that you are yet to test how different AFLs work.I can only suggest you to try AFLs first not with Live Trading but watch them how they work in live market. Relate those AFLs with your trading style. Only then you will be able to come on any conclusion.

      There are lot of popular AFLs I have posted above. Each AFL has its pros & cons. What matters is how a trader uses that AFL.

      Happy Trading.

  8. Can u plz provide renko on amibroker

    1. Amibroker has an inherent problem of not able to define custom X-Axis properly, so Renko bars do not plot on an Amibroker chart in the way they should work. There are very few Renko AFLs which have been created but they are not much reliable. I did not find any reliable Renko Bars AFL hence I did not post it on the blog. I can give you the AFL on your e-mail account so plz. share your e-mail account here or send me a mail on

      If you really want to work on authentic Renko Bars then try Ninja Trader for charting purpose. Ninja Trader is really good at plotting Renko Bars.

      Happy Trading !!

  9. Hi Aryan,
    If you could pls help me with AFL which will create a trendline/ray thru x & y coordinates given as input.

    following code creates a line but its y & x coordinates are totally misplaced in Amibroker output chart. in a 5 min tf chart to draw a line left extended from pts -
    30 nov 2017 9:20 am , 10314.2 to point 01 Jan 2018 9:15 am , 10533.3.
    for x, i did some conversion as per formula given in AFL help but issue is line is not taking these coordinates.

    try 1-
    x0= 2017-11-30-09-20-00;
    y0= 10314.2;
    x1= 2018-01-01-09-15-00;
    y1= 10533.3;

    Line = LineArray( x0, y0, x1, y1, 2);
    Plot(C, "C", colorWhite, styleCandle);
    Plot( Line, "Trend line", colorBlue );

    try 2-
    x0= 1171130092000;
    //11/30/2017 9:20:00 AM
    //Date conversion by formula - 10000 * (year - 1900) + 100 * month + day

    y0= 10314.2;

    x1= 1180101091500;
    //01/01/2018 9:15:00 AM

    y1= 10533.3;

    Line = LineArray( x0, y0, x1, y1, 2 );
    Plot(C, "C", colorWhite, styleCandle);
    Plot( Line, "Trend line", colorRed );

    Any help in this regard is appreciated.

    1. Hi Nikhil,

      Would like to share with you that I am a non-technical background person. Coding right from scratch is not my cup of tea.

      I can though refer you to a link where people from coding background help each other when there are problems in their Amibroker codes. You can register at that forum and open a thread asking for the solution of your problem. I hope members of that forum would surely be interested in helping you out.

      Here is the link below:

      Happy Trading !!


  10. Hope something materialize from there. Thanks for your help in providing the link!

  11. if(ViewTPOCount==1){PlotText(""+total[maxj-1],basex,bot[i]-(Top[i]-bot[i])*0.05,ParamColor("Color_VAL", colorLavender));

    how do we fix it

    1. Another AFL of MP has been posted , you may try that, it could help you out.

  12. nifty and banknifty trend finder afl with and resistant and buy and sell signal


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