Banknifty Weekly Options

As the Demand grew for Banknifty Weekly Options Intraday Data, I decided to give it a go for the benefit of the readers of my blog and trading community as a whole. Frankly would like to admit that this is a modest start. I would try my best to update the data on a regular basis but only time will tell how much possible it would be as arranging the Banknifty Weekly Options Intraday data for download is a big ask.  Please be aware that I suggest you to not put this data for fully mechanical back testing which could ignore discrepancies in data,which might occur although in rarity as the data has been sourced through terminal data table. Only use it for backtesting through manual means so that any kind of discrepancy if occurs is spotted by you.

April 2018

Expiry 26th April

May 2018

Expiry 3rd May

Expiry  10th May

Expiry  17th May

Expiry  24th May

Expiry  31st May

June 2018

Expiry  07th June

Expiry  14th June

Expiry  21st June

Expiry 28th June

July 2018

Expiry 05th July

Expiry 12th July

Expiry 19th July

Expiry 26th July

August 2018

Expiry 02nd August

Expiry 09th August

Expiry 16th August 

Expiry 23rd August 

Expiry 30th August

September 2018

Expiry 06th September

Expiry 12th September

Expiry 19th September

Expiry 27th September 

October 2018

Expiry 04th October

Expiry 11th October

Expiry 17th October

Expiry 25th October

November 2018 

Expiry 01st November

Expiry 06th November

Expiry 15th November

Expiry 22nd November

Expiry 29th November

December 2018

Expiry 06th December 

Expiry 13th December

Expiry 20th December 

Expiry 27th December


January 2019

Expiry 03rd January

Expiry 10th January

Expiry 17th January

Expiry 24th January

Expiry 31st January

February 2019

Expiry 07th February

Expiry 14th February

Expiry 21st February

Expiry 28th February 

March 2019

Expiry 07th March

Expiry 14th March

Expiry 20th March

Expiry 28th March

April 2019

Expiry 04th April

Expiry 11th April


  1. Dear Trade Catcher,
    Thank you for sharing the IEOD data of BN Weekly Options. Salute your hard work and will to share the resource for free. I am also a blogger and blogs on Point and figure method of Analysis. If you are interested in pnf,please visit

    Thank you once again for the wonderful resource

    1. Hi Praveen,

      Thanks for your kind words. I visited your blog and found it to be interesting. Keep up the good work.

      Happy Trading


  2. Thank you so much for sharing, appreciate your efforts.

  3. Thank you for sharing ... appreciate all your efforts.

  4. Thank you for sharing ... appreciate all your efforts, are you able to give same BNF for monthly options iEOD.

    1. You are Welcome !! I will try my best if it could be done.

      Happy Trading !!

  5. Trader Community needs people like you. I sincerely appreciate your hard work to share these data to the public for educational purpose.

  6. Can you sir start adding Open Interest too ???

    1. Open Interest is not available in the data source from where I am retrieving the data.

  7. Hi Aryan, I can't download 13 december expiry as its asking for google drive sign in permission please give me the access

    1. Hi Dhruva,

      I have modified the Link and now you can download the file without any trouble.

      Happy Trading !!


  8. Hey tradecatcher, This is great work!.....Is there any chance/source to get the data for Jan to march as well.....??

    1. Hi Prashant, Thanks.

      Actually I started maintaining this data since April after lot of requests from readers so I do not possess data before that. However there are paid services(data vendors) of NSE data which may provide data on payment basis. To name like True Data India , then GFDL -Global Data Feeds Ltd.

      Happy Trading !!


  9. Hey i really appreciate you hard work..

  10. Aryan Guruji please when will you post 3rd Jan 2019 banknifty weekly options.

  11. How can I upload this data to amibroker? Is there any need to change the format of the files shared by you ?

    1. There is no need to change the format but it is advisable that through import wizard of Amibroker you import the data as per your chosen format.Also importing all the data at once will mess up the data as options are expiring every week and therefore it is not continuous data.

  12. Thank u very much, I was looking for this data from long back.

    1. You are Welcome Phaneendra,

      Good to know that it is of help to you.

      Happy Trading !!


  13. Thanks Very much sharing this data. I am looking from past 1 year for this. Now Nifty weekly options started, do you have any plans for the weekly nifty options?

    1. You are Welcome Satish.

      Nifty Weekly Options I will try to post , can't commit as of now.

      Happy Trading.


  14. Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable Data. Appreciate a lot your efforts. You are helping us save a lot of time and money by sharing this. Hope this help fellow trader in back-testing and perfecting their strategies.
    One suggestion you can name as Expiry_YYYYMMDD_XXX like Expiry_20190307_29000 for 2019 March 7th for strike 29000, this would help sorting by name
    Once again thanks a lot, Keep up the great work that you are doing.

    1. You are welcome. Renaming is not possible as of now as I use different sources to procure data. I use one when the other is not available. I also think to make things easier but Options data in itself is a messy affair.

      I will see if something could be done in future to make things easier.

      Happy Trading.

  15. any chance sir you can give past few year's option data ??

    1. All the options data which I have at disposal as of now I have posted.

      BTW options data of which instrument you are referring and which time frame ?


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