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Trading Record - A Must For After Analysis Of Trades: Download Record Sheet

Update of this Post

Trading Journal Is Immensely Important For A Trader.

When I was analysing my trades I felt the need of a trading journal spreadsheet and I formulated a simple spread sheet which helped in keeping the record of the trades done by me. I shared this spreadsheet at my blog, link for which is given below. Over the years need for more deep analysis arose & I found various good resources for keeping trading journal. I have shared these resources in my blog post which you can read here at Trading Journal: The Must Have Tool For A Trader-From A Case Study Perspective.

Below is the basic spreadsheet which you can view after downloading. Some changes will have to be made as new cess have been imposed & transaction costs have changed with passage of time. Also some discount brokers are charging fixed brokerage rates rather than a percent of the total traded value so this also needs to be implemented. Discount brokers have changed the game for the broking industry

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My self made amateur trading journal spreadsheet.

Download Excel Trading Journal Spreadsheet here.

Instructions For Help :-

1. Formulas have been inserted for quick record keeping.

2. The user has just to fill the values in the columns of:

A). No: of shares
B). Rate [buy & sell]

3. The brokerage, buy price, sell price, total values, net profit/loss will be calculated automatically.

4. Colour coding has been done for easier recognition of outcome of trades.

5. The rate of brokerage is taken as 0.04% for both legs i.e. [buy-0.02% + sell-0.02% (including taxes)] by default which is most often used by many brokerage houses. However the user can change the rate in the formula bar as per his/her prevailing rate of brokerage.

6. Scrip name, no: of shares, buy/sell rate, transaction date, long/short trades, remarks columns will have to be filled manually. These columns are important for after trade analysis.

7. Example trades have been inserted which can be erased.

8. Please remember not to erase data using backspace from formula cells as the sheet has not been protected for making it user friendly. Only remove data from the columns of no: of shares & buy/sell rate columns and the calculated data will automatically be removed.

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