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NR7 Amibroker AFL and NR4 Amibroker AFL with Exploration

NR7 implies Narrow Range computed for last 7 bars. The NR7 applied on a daily timeframe
tends to be more effective . However intraday traders even use it for 4 hourly or hourly  time frame to gauge the probability of some violent movement due to volatility squeezing for a considerable period of time. Due to high volatility leading to low volatility and vice versa Narrow ranges lead to
range expansion . Some traders also use NR4 for entering into low volatility periods. Below AFL as provided by the author of the AFL makes the task very easy to identify the NR4 & NR7 stocks through exploration. 

Copy The Code Give Below:


/*********** NR7 System for Chart and Exploration ***********************/

R = H - L;
NR7 = False;
NR4 = False;
m7 = m4 = idm7 = idm4 = idm = 0;

for(i = 7; i < BarCount; i++)
if( R[i] < R[i - 1] AND R[i] < R[i -2] AND R[i] < R[i - 3] AND R[i] < R[i - 4] AND R[i] < R[i - 5] AND R[i] < R[i - 6])
NR7[i] = True;
m7[i] = 1;

for(i = 4; i < BarCount; i++)
if((R[i] < R[i - 1] AND R[i] < R[i -2] AND R[i] < R[i - 3] ) AND NOT NR7[i])
NR4[i] = True;
m4[i] = 1;
IDNR7 = Inside() * NR7;
IDNR4 = Inside() * NR4;
ID = Inside();
idm7 = IIf(IDNR7, 1, 0);
idm4 = IIf(IDNR4, 1, 0);
idm = IIf(id, 1, 0);

for(i = 1; i < BarCount; i++)
if(IDNR7[i] == IDNR7[i - 1]) idm7[i] = idm7[i] + idm7[i - 1];
if(IDNR4[i] == IDNR4[i - 1]) idm4[i] = idm4[i] + idm4[i - 1];
if(NR7[i] == NR7[i - 1]) m7[i] = m7[i] + m7[i - 1];
if(NR4[i] == NR4[i - 1]) m4[i] = m4[i] + m4[i - 1];
if(ID[i] == ID[i - 1]) idm[i] = idm[i] + idm[i - 1];

MarkerIDNR7 = MarkerIDNR4 = shapeStar ;

Marker7 = shapeDigit7;
NR7Color = colorBrightGreen;

Marker4 = shapeDigit4;
NR4Color = colorLightOrange;

MarkerID = shapeHollowCircle;
IDColor = colorYellow;

IDNR7Color = colorBrightGreen;
IDNR4Color = colorLightOrange;

MarkerDist = L * 0.995;
IDNRDist = H * 1.03;

if(Status("action") == actionIndicator)
_N(Title = StrFormat("{{NAME}}, {{DATE}} ({{INTERVAL}}): {{VALUES}}") + ", Range=" + Prec(R + 0.00001, 2) + ","
+ WriteIf(IDNR7, EncodeColor(colorBrightGreen) + WriteIf(idm7 > 1, StrLeft(NumToStr(idm7), 4), "") + " IDNR7 ", "")
+ WriteIf(IDNR4, EncodeColor(colorLightOrange) + WriteIf(idm4 > 1, StrLeft(NumToStr(idm4), 4), "") + " IDNR4 ", "")
+ WriteIf(NR7 AND NOT ID, EncodeColor(colorBrightGreen) + WriteIf(m7 > 1, StrLeft(NumToStr(m7), 4), "") + " NR7 ", "")
+ WriteIf(NR4 AND NOT ID, EncodeColor(colorLightOrange) + WriteIf(m4 > 1, StrLeft(NumToStr(m4), 4), "") + " NR4 ", "")
+ WriteIf(ID AND NOT NR7 AND NOT NR4, EncodeColor(colorTurquoise) + WriteIf(idm > 1, StrLeft(NumToStr(idm), 4), "") + " Inside Day ", ""));

PlotOHLC(O, H, L, C, "Close", colorLightGrey, styleBar);
PlotShapes(IIf(IDNR7, MarkerIDNR7, shapeNone), IDNR7Color, 0, IDNRDist);
PlotShapes(IIf(IDNR4 AND NOT IDNR7, MarkerIDNR4, shapeNone), IDNR4Color, 0, IDNRDist);
PlotShapes(IIf(NR7 AND NOT ID, Marker7, shapeNone), NR7Color, 0, MarkerDist);
PlotShapes(IIf(NR4 AND NOT NR7 AND NOT ID, Marker4, shapeNone), NR4Color, 0, MarkerDist);
PlotShapes(IIf(ID AND NOT NR7 AND NOT NR4, MarkerID, shapeNone), IDColor, 0, IDNRDist);

if(Status("action") == actionExplore)
Filter = (m7 > 0) OR (m4 > 0) OR (idm > 0);

SetOption("NoDefaultColumns", True);

AddColumn(DateTime(), "DATE", formatDateTime, colorDefault, colorDefault, 96);
AddTextColumn(Name(), "SYMBOL", 77, colorDefault, colorDefault, 120);
AddColumn(R, "Range", 6.2, colorDefault, colorDefault, 84);
AddColumn(IIf(idm, 48 + idm, 32), "INSIDE", formatChar, colorYellow, IIf(idm, colorLightBlue, colorDefault));
AddColumn(IIf(m4, 48 + m4, 32), "NR4", formatChar, colorYellow, IIf(m4, colorBlue, colorDefault));
AddColumn(IIf(m7, 48 + m7, 32), "NR7", formatChar, colorYellow, IIf(m7, colorGreen, colorDefault));

/************************** END OF AFL CODE *****************************/



  1. Hi
    How do I see the plots on the graph as indicated in your picture. When I run explore in the analysis the ticks doesnt appear.

    Your help is appreciated.



    1. Hi
      I assume you cant see the marks reflected without placing the code in a chart, which I did and then I sam the same picture. Sorry for bothering you.


    2. You are absolutely right Jacobus.

      Happy Trading.


    3. very nice AFL but what are the hollow markings and star markings , does the colour of the hollow and star marking mean anything...please explain

    4. The Hollow Marking is an Inside Bar or called an Inside Day Marking.

      The Star Marking is an Inside Day which is also a NR4 & NR7 Bar.

      The colour does not refer anything.

  2. My copy/paste doesnt run in backtest of amibroker

    1. You will have to use the Explore feature in New Analysis and not the Backtest feature.

  3. how to add buy above sell below column

  4. Plz add Buy Above , Sell Below Column in Exploration With Stop Loss Link the Below

    1. Unfortunately I am not a member of facebook & the link is asking to login into Facebook.

  5. OK...How to Add Buy Above , Sell Below Column in Exploration With Stop Loss

    1. You do one thing. Register at the below mentioned link of a forum and you can get ample help regarding your Amibroker queries. There is a full section on Amibroker in this forum.


  6. Sir,
    I need the afl "tradecatcher.blogspot.com/2013/03/amibroker-afl-to-identify-trend..." posted which is with Heiking Ashi "Flower" and best support resistance etc.Please give me link to download.
    Thanks in advace.

    1. Hi Harish,

      That AFL was not a good one. I have removed that AFL due to its faulty nature. The new one is still better.

      Happy Trading

  7. Sir,
    Thanks for your reply.Please provide the link for the new on which you think is better.
    Actually I was using the RSI figure showing on the chart on the last candle but do to formatting of the PC,I lost it.
    Which was very much useful.It was good to track Support Resistance and end of trending move.

    1. Hi ,

      The new one which I updated is at the same link which earlier comprised of the Heiken Ashi AFL. Here is the link


      There is a download link given in the Post at last which will take you to Google Drive Page for download.

      Happy Trading !!


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